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Rewards Network® encourages its members to give our community feedback after each verified visit to a participating location. Only members who actually dined at a restaurant can submit a review.

DO: Be authentic, accurate, and relevant.

  • Share your original thoughts about your personal experience – not those you've taken from anyone else.
  • Avoid exaggerating or misrepresenting your experience.
  • Focus only on your dining experience – the food, service, cleanliness, or value.

DON'T: Be offensive or accusatory.

  • Obscene, insulting, or malicious comments are considered inappropriate and will be deleted.
  • Any reviews containing references to illegal or unethical activities by a restaurant will not appear online, but will be communicated to the restaurant by Rewards Network.

Rewards Network reserves the right to determine if a particular review is compliant with the content guidelines and Terms and Conditions set forth by Rewards Network. Reviews that do not meet these criteria will not be posted on our website.

Reviews are anonymous – featuring only the reviewer's first and last initial – and will appear unedited except for the neutralization of program names and rewards categories. If you prefer your feedback not appear on our website, you may opt to share the review only with the program restaurant you visited.