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Q. What is Rewards Network?
A. Rewards Network is a program that allows members to earn up to 2 miles per dollar from one of several major domestic airline carriers, while providing corporations benefits when their employees dine at any of the thousands of participating restaurants, bars and clubs throughout the U.S. It's an easy-to-use program that's totally discreet.
Q. How do I earn frequent flyer miles when I dine out for business?
A. Rewards Network has relationships with several major domestic airline carriers and their frequent flyer programs. To begin earning miles, you simply call our Member Services Center at (800) 285-2439, and provide them with your corporate credit card, frequent flyer account number and email address, and then subscribe to email marketing from Rewards Network Corporate Dining. Once enrolled, dine at participating restaurants when benefits are being offered and use your corporate credit card to pay the bill. That's it! Your miles will automatically be credited to your frequent flyer account.
Q. How can I confirm I earned miles, and how can I monitor my total miles to date?
A. Miles will automatically be posted to your frequent flyer account within 6–8 weeks of each qualified dining transaction. You will receive benefit confirmation emails several days after you dine, detailing the miles earned. Rewards Network cannot monitor the total miles to date. Therefore, you should refer to your frequent flyer account managed by the airline for your total miles to date.
Q. Can I still earn miles if I'm using a coupon?
A. Miles are not available when used with coupons, other dining programs, discount cards or restaurant promotions. Additionally, miles may not be awarded for planned events, such as large business functions or parties where a special pricing has been negotiated directly with the restaurant, if you do not have prior consent from the restaurant to receive your miles. When planning large functions, you may contact Rewards Network Corporate Dining Member Services to see if miles will be awarded.
Q. How does my company save when I dine out for business?
A. Your company will automatically save money when you follow these simple steps:
  1. Locate a nearby restaurant via the online restaurant search page
  2. Dine at a participating Rewards Network Corporate Dining restaurant
  3. Pay with your corporate credit card
It's that simple! When you pay with your corporate card, we track the dining activity. We then provide your company with a rebate check each month for all of the previous month's dining activity, and automatically post the miles you've earned directly to the frequent flyer account you registered with the program.
Q. Does my company save when I pay for clients or guests?
A. Yes. The savings are based on the amount of the total dining bill–including tax and tip. You must simply make sure that you use your corporate credit card when you pay the bill.

Q. What do I have access to as a member?
A. This program serves as a tremendous dining resource. The Web site offers a wealth of valuable information about participating restaurants nationwide. You'll find restaurant descriptions, menus, photos and member ratings and reviews, plus maps and directions. All this provides you with the information you need to find exactly the right restaurant to suit the occasion when dining and entertaining for business.
Q. How many restaurants, bars and clubs participate in Rewards Network Corporate Dining?
A. Thousands of restaurants, bars and clubs located throughout the U.S. participate in Rewards Network Corporate Dining, and we're constantly adding new locations to the program. That's why it's important to check our Web site regularly to see what's new near your office or where you travel. To locate participating restaurants, bars and clubs in a specific locale, simply use our online location search.
Q. What kind of restaurants participate in the program?
A. We offer dining options to suit any business occasion. You'll find thousands of award-winning restaurants nationwide participating in our program. From a casual meeting over breakfast to lunch or an elegant formal dinner, our cross-country network of restaurants includes venues that meet all of your business needs.
Q. Do participating restaurants offer members a full range of cuisine choices?
A. Yes. Rewards Network Corporate Dining offers dozens of cuisine categories. Cuisine categories are listed alphabetically, and the search results can be sorted to include only specific cuisines of interest to you for your upcoming plans. There's even a separate category for bars and clubs. When searching for locations offering miles, just select your cuisine of choice (including bars and clubs) to find a location in the area that meets your needs.
Q.Why do some establishments offer benefits only on certain days?
A. Some participating establishments choose to offer miles every day they are open, while others choose to offer miles only on certain days of the week. What's more, some limit the number of visits for which you can earn a benefit in any given month. The Web site lists when miles are being offered for each participating restaurant.
Q. Do I have any say regarding the restaurants in the program?
A. Yes. Use the Contact Us page of the Web site to submit your restaurant suggestions, which will then be sent to the Restaurant Sales Group.
Q. Do I need to let the restaurant know that I am a member of the Rewards Network Corporate Dining Program?
A. No. Our program is the totally discreet way to save, and it features the following:
  1. No ID card to present
  2. No special coupon to redeem
  3. No one knows you are using a rewards program
  4. Your registered credit card is automatically linked to your company's membership
Q. What is your confidentiality policy?
A. You may view our policy by clicking here.
Q. What if there are no participating restaurants in locales I regularly visit?
A.Rewards Network is always interested in adding new restaurants to the Rewards Network Corporate Dining Program. We regularly receive restaurant suggestions from our corporate partners and share these suggestions with the Restaurant Sales Group. We encourage you to share your favorite dining spots with us by using the Contact Us page of this Web site.
Q. What if I have additional questions about the Rewards Network Corporate Dining Program?
A. Your company is serviced by our team of Rewards Network Corporate account managers. Please email us at or call (800) 285-2439. We will do our best to respond to your request within 24 hours.
Q. How do I access a review form for a place I dined?
A. A few days after you dine at a participating restaurant, you'll receive an email with a link to the review for that dine. Alternatively, review submission forms can be accessed via your Account Center.
Q. What should I write in my review?
A. Just tell us what you thought of your experience. Think about what information is important to you when you read a review, and use the ratings categories from the survey component as guides. Write about the food, service, cleanliness and value. Report what happened, how you felt about it and why you felt that way. Whether complimentary or critical, feel free to have fun and be colorful–but you must also be honest, factual and accurate. For more information, read through the Content Guidelines for Dining Reviews.
Q. My review is not appearing online. Why?
A. It's possible your review didn't meet the standards of our Content Guidelines for Dining Reviews.
Q. What does Rewards Network do with my review?
A. After filling out your review, you will have the option to share your review with other members, share your review on Facebook or limit access to only the restaurant itself. If you opt to share your review with other members, it will be posted online on and appear on that restaurant's Ratings & Reviews pages. Unless you self-identify within the body of the review, only your initials and city/state will be displayed. Restaurant owners will have an opportunity to respond to your review by using Rewards Network as an intermediary, but in accordance with our Privacy Policy we will never share your email address.